Disposal of production and food waste

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Own equipment

We are not mediators and carry out all functions ourselves.

Flexible Pricing Policy

We offer affordable prices and decent quality of services

We work within the framework of the law

We dispose of products through the official information system of FGIS Mercury



Conclusion of the contract

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Waste disposal and disposal

We collect, remove and dispose of waste qualitatively, quickly, on time. If necessary, we draw up a schedule of exports.

Reporting Documentation

Upon completion of works we provide all reporting documentation in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation

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We provide services to companies that care about the environment, value the time and their customers

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Main categories of food waste to be recycled

Products that have lost consumer properties:

Lost properties of the commercial form
Expired Expiration Dates
Package Integrity Violation

Why They Choose Us

Own equipment and unique technologies.

You don't overpay for mediation.

Support for the FGIS MERCURY system

Mandatory veterinary control of animal waste.

Absolute legality.

There is a license and necessary certificates for this type of activity.

Discount System

Favorable conditions for regular customers


Reviews about our work

We are engaged in the processing of all types of food waste. We provide a range of recycling services in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Main areas of work:
Waste removal and transportation.

Disposal of food raw materials in accordance with SanPin standards.

One of the company’s goals is to make the world cleaner. We love the planet on which we live and understand how important it is to preserve it for future generations. A successful business can be environmentally friendly.

Our customers are of the same opinion, but often face disposal problems. Volumes of «delay» in network hypermarkets or substandard products of a food enterprise can reach several tons per day. It is necessary to remove and process such a quantity of raw materials as quickly as possible. Otherwise, problems may arise:

Waste takes up a lot of space.
Bad smell from spoiled foods.
The appearance of insects and rodents.
Unexpected visit of SanEpidemStation.

In addition, the dump of food waste in the store warehouse or next to the restaurant does not please employees and visitors to the institution at all.

Many waste treatment services use landfills for garbage disposal. This is the easiest way. As a result of such activities, huge landfills arise.

The WEISTFOOD company is exclusively engaged in the disposal of food raw materials. We are not polluting nature, but looking for ways to reuse biological debris. Processed wastes are used to produce food additives, animal feed and plant fertilizers.

  • Disposal of all types of food waste.
    Own equipment and unique technologies. You don’t overpay for mediation.
    Speed. Export within 24 hours of application.
    Support of the FGIS MERCURY system (veterinary control of animal waste).
    Absolute legality. There is a license and necessary certificates for this type of activity.
    It’s official. We provide a complete set of accounting documents.
    Discount system for regular customers.

    For your convenience, a team of professionals works: managers, logicians, experienced movers and engineers.

    Each client — operational consulting and individual

Our partners

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